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    What is glass?

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      Glassware is made, glass containers. Glass art in the country is to maintain a continuous history for thousands of years. Ming Dynasty, Shandong Boshan the feeder production has been very prosperity, the late Ming and early Qing incoming Beijing, the Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong period, glass production was being revived, the Qing Emperor Kangxi 35 years, Beijing big scale "Liulichang" production Palace enjoy feeder. During this period, the varieties of colorful glassware, shape and decoration also changed. Which material imitation jade, jade, agate, coral, etc. made of bottles, bowls, snuff bottles, birds, etc., color fidelity, has a unique style and charm.

      More sodium calcium silicate glass made of glass. Colorless, transparent containers, glass iron content is generally lower than 0.02%. In the coloring agent added to the glass raw materials, colored glass can be obtained; adding emulsifying agent, a system of opaque glass (see glass). Manufacture of refined car carved high art containers such as goblets, perfume bottles, fruit bowls and more use of potassium lead silicate glass, also known as lead crystal glass. This glass contains PbO, with a high refractive index and dispersion, grinding, especially when the bright side edge, high specific gravity, crisp sound made when struck. With PbO30% or more for the full lead crystal glass, with PbO24 ~ 30% of the lead crystal glass, with PbO18% or below of lead crystal glass. In addition to containing BaO, barium crystal glass. Cooking utensils such as coffee pots and other products using heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and its low coefficient of thermal expansion, temperature-resistant acute degeneration strong. Glass has a better resistance to heat and temperature acute degeneration, mechanical strength, suitable for manufacture of cooking utensils and Restaurant Hotel burned frequently washing utensils.

      With the glass composition will be the crucible into powder and clinker kilns or furnaces (see glass furnace) in the melting, melting, even without air bubbles into the clear, no stones, no striped glass liquid, then cooled to adapt forming method requires appropriate viscosity range, a variety of molding operations.

    Blow molding

      There are manual and mechanical blow molding in two ways. Manual molding, hand-held torch or pool within the crucible from the kiln mouth pick reclaiming material, iron or wood mold blow mold shape synthesizer. Smooth circular products with Winds law; surface pattern or shape of the punch and not a circular pattern of products with static blowing. First pick a colorless material blown vesicles, vesicles and then pick the color of opaque material or materials known as blowing synthesizer-shaped nesting blowing. Color stick fusible material particles in the emulsion nesting on natural colored melt flow, can be blown into the natural landscape containers; in color opaque material on the dip strip material can be blown drawing utensils. Blowing molding machines for high-volume products. Blowing machine automatically by the material of iron-shaped mold blown synthesizer, remove the cap after the ejection port Serve containers. Pressure can also be used - blow molding, material washed into the vesicles first (prototype), then continue Blow molding shapes. Than simply blowing machine blowing with high efficiency, good quality.


      Artificial shape, the material cut into the iron man challenge mode, driven punch, pressure Synthesizer-shaped, solidified shape after ejection. Forming automatic production machinery, large volume, high efficiency. Pressing for the punch out of the mouth can be great at the end of stingy shaped products, such as cups, plates, ashtrays and so on.


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