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    Qixian to create

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    Jinzhong information: a goal, two markets, three bases, four ways, five centers, ten projects ... ... in the "five" the first year, Jinzhong Qixian around the "transformation across its feet again "target, based on the resources and advantages of industrial development, with extraordinary courage and determination, a five-year estimates the total investment 2.25 billion yuan, sounded the" five "build China into the glass capital of the numbers sounded Qi County restructuring and development, the strongest voice.

    "Twelve Five" period, Qixian will focus on creating "glass capital of China," the goal to further consolidate the foreign market, the development of the domestic market, continue to increase in Overseas Company, Wang Yi glassware company based industrial development core area to the next crystal Peng Shen glassware company based industrial development zones and to Spark's radiation, much music through the company's glass-based temperature and industrial development in the radiation zone of the three base concentration, take a "four way "building" five centers "efforts to enhance the glass industry as a whole.

    Mechanism for the development of glass industry should take a good line, brand promotion, high-end product development, integration of four ways of trade and industry tours. Development Mechanism production line, with the mechanism of the product rapidly expanding scale of production; construction of crystal glass production line, producing high-end glass products; encourage companies abroad to set up marketing centers to take the brand acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, stock acquisitions, participate in the international market, integration of resources, to promote enterprise branding, international; hold exhibition promotions, visit the tourism production process to carry out the product to work with travel to trade promotion work. Meanwhile, the construction product design center, R & D center, quality inspection center, glass art center, trading center, five centers. First, relying on the Donghua University in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, the company formed by the crystal glassware Peng product design center, the scale of construction of 6,000 square meters. Second, relying on the Tianjin University of Technology, the company set up by the Dahua glassware R & D center, the scale of construction of 6,000 square meters. Third, relying on the existing county of Shanxi Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of glass, reporting to upgrade China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of glass, glass products bear the quality of research tasks. Fourth, relying on Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts Glass Arts, the company set up by the Red Sea, China Glass Art Center, the scale of construction of 10,000 square meters. Fifth, relying on the Shanxi University, Shanxi University of Finance, the company set up by the Hongyi glass products trading center.

    Qixian glass industry is the largest industrial economy dominated industry, after 50 years of development, already has a good industrial base, in the creation of tax revenue, employment, protection of people's livelihood has played an important role for the county's economic development made important contributions. In 2004, China Light Industry Federation Qixian was named "China glassware production and export base", "Great China" brand was SAIC as "China Famous Brand." To enable this feature and steady development and growing industry during the second five, Qixian will rely on location, energy carriers (provincial development zone), humanities and other four major advantages, invest 2.25 billion yuan, the implementation of ten key projects. The ten projects are infrastructure projects, environmental protection furnace reconstruction project, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of glass items, Chinese glass art garden project, Hongyi logistics center project, the provincial research institution-building projects, and co-construction of the Czech Republic crystal glass production line, automatic UOB barium crown glass production line, Peng Jing, Portugal VAA Group's acquisition of shares and brand projects and supporting industrial projects. After completion of the project will add value of $ 4.1 billion, profit of 700 million yuan, taxes $ 400 million of labor, 2.5 million people.

    In recent years, Qixian County Government attaches great importance glassware industry, and actively through preferential policies, financial support, giving priority to business problems and many other initiatives to promote the full development of the glass industry. This year, the county will build Chinese glass art museum in 2011 as one of eight projects the county. Qixian Red Sea Glass Co., Ltd. invested by the construction, financial education, science, academic display, academic research and art display and other functions in one of the Chinese glass art museum under construction, but also opened Qixian to build China's glass capital of the prelude. (Correspondent Xu Hongzhen).


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